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This is best defined as a diet which helps you lose weight by restricting the fat content while continuing to be healthy and sustainable over extended periods of time. The rule of the thumb is that fats are a rich source of calories and calories increase weight. Thus it is not surprising that when the objective is to lose weight then one of the preferred moralities is to switch to a low fat high protein diet.


This is arguably the new buzzword when it comes to losing weight and this is collaborated by the fact that dieters in the developed and developing economies alike are now turning to these wonder diets. Experts are of the opinion that limiting the fat content to less than 30% of the total food intake can ensure a steady weight loss. The mechanics are simple, considering that fats are considered as a concentrated unit of calories and when we control our fat intake we have created space for eating plenty of calories. Thus predictably those who curtail their intake by opting for a low fat diet invariably ensure that they can lose weight without starving.

Some of the important ingredients of an effective low fat diet may well include fruits and vegetables. This is validated by the fact that they are low on fat content and hence lead to a significant loss of weight.

The benefits of a low fat diet are incomparable considering that while weight loss is a given, it also leads to a slimmer waistline and lower risk of heart disease and stroke. This could be attributed to the fact that one gram of fat contains more than twice the calories as compared to a gram of carbohydrates or proteins. The strategy then is to switch to a low fat diet and complement it with plenty of carbohydrates and proteins.

If low fat diets are here to stay then it is important we understand the perfect mix considering that the market has innumerable options and finding the right mix of food options can be puzzling at times.


Buffalo Jerky

Low Fat Buffalo Jerky

Avoid using foods such as bacon’s, potato chips and sausages as they have a higher fat content and lower minerals and vitamin content as compared to low fat food. Conversely the calorie content of fat rich foods such as these is high and this can lead to weight gain. An ideal low fat diet would need to have a high content mix of proteins and carbohydrates rather than fat foods. The logic being that while one gram of fat provides 9 calories and equal quantity of carbohydrate or protein would provide just 4 calories. If you still want your meats then try some meat jerky products. Beef and buffalo jerky is very low in fat but high in protein. Visit our Jerky Direct site to learn more about this amazing snack with 11 grams of protein to a one oz serving.

Experts recommend using plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains as this would ensure low fat and calorie intake. Animal based food options like lean meat and milk are best used in moderation. A more specific benchmark then would be to limit the daily intake of calories to 2,000 and limit the fat content to 20-35% of the total calories.

Low fat diets are gaining in popularity and this could well be attributed to a significant weight loss that they have ensured in recent times. Some people will add more protein to their diet because it will give you that full feeling.

Low Carbohydrate Diet

The idea of a low carbohydrate diet is important to two groups of people. Those who simply want to lose weight and see improved health, and those who have medical advice directing them toward this choice. The benefits of this type of diet are not only in losing weight quickly, but also in having a better diet rich in fresh foods containing the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals the body requires daily for health.

Why Doctors Recommend A Low Carbohydrate Diet

When a patient enters a doctor’s care in either a pre-diabetic or diabetic state a doctor’s first recommendation will be to reduce the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in the diet. The reason for this is type two diabetics usually see insulin resistance, or a resistance of the body to break down stored fat for energy. The body will instead burn only daily food intake, and usually at smaller levels than for someone without this resistance. The results are a problem metabolism sugar, and maintaining the correct glucose level. Along with medication eating a low carbohydrate diet with smaller amounts of sugars and starches will improve the way the body’s metabolism responses to insulin, and the faster the individual’s health will improve.

Low Carbs to Lose Weight

For those who show no sign of diabetes or other health risks, and just want to lose weight this diet will still have a profound effect much faster than most other weight plans. In this diet the number of sugars and starches in the diet are replaced with more natural food choices the body can break down easily for nutrients.

The Problem with Sugar

The research into sugar’s affect on the body is truly grim. Many researchers now believe that sugar affects the body far more than first thought, and that no mammal on Earth has sweet receptors prepared to adapt to processed sugar. What this means for the human being is that sugar can become as addictive.

The Problem with Starches and Carbohydrates

Starches and carbohydrates carry a high calorie load, but offer little nutrients. Worse, it also impacts on how effectively the body uses insulin, because it changes hormone levels resulting in high sugar and glucose levels long after eating. Carbohydrates are also high in triglycerides the type of cholesterol linked to high blood pressure.

Feel Better With A Low Carbohydrate Diet

A diet excluding carbohydrates and sugar will keep the body’s insulin and hormone levels in better balance. When a person’s insulin starts going down the body begins to be able to access the calories that are stored in the fat cells. Usually it takes some time, 3 to 7 days for the body to adapt to burning fat instead of carbohydrates. Appetite starts to go down and you begin to eat less food and calories automatically. When you eat less calories than your body burns you start to see weight loss. In general most people begin to feel better overall a few weeks and their health and wellness improves after switching to a low carbohydrate diet.

Selecting The Right Diet

Most people can detail the many diets they have tried that were not effective. It’s much different to find the right diet helpful enough to aid in losing weight, and then maintaining the right weight. Most experts recommended dropping the number of calories consumed per day for a limited time, and then to maintain the correct weight by eating a balanced diet thereafter.

Dropping Calories Safely With The Right Diet

A number of diets promise to drop weight fast, but often this comes at the expense of nutrients and minerals the body needs to remain healthy and to have energy. While the drastic diet plan is effective in dropping weight quickly depleted energy levels will quickly lead to either snacking, or food cravings. If a diet is well below a thousand calories a day the body is sometimes shocked into actually trying to retain fat, and the dieter can lose muscle instead. Finding the right diet fulfilling all the daily nutrients, and which allows for a thousand calories or slightly more will actually help in losing weight faster, and help to sustain the correct weight.

Successful Diet Plans

The best diets will allow for variety, consistency, and offer foods, which you can trust to provide you will plenty of energy. Variety fills both the psychological need for food, and also helps in providing the body with the essentials it needs. Consistency in diet will mean the plan does not stray far from a certain amount of calories per day. In keeping to a scheduled pattern of food intake, and a certain amount of calories per day weight loss is achieved faster. The more energy the foods or supplements a diet provides with each meal will make it easy to stay active while dieting and remain focused while working or going about the day. Note: Plexus Slim is a pink powder that when mixed with water makes for a great weight loss drink. It will help curb your appetite.

Combination Diets

A liquid diet is never recommended without seeking the aid of a doctor since this type of weight loss can cause rapid changes in metabolism. A combination diet in which a shake or similar liquid replacement for a single meal is used is often affect. Many who find themselves habitually skipping a meal because of time constraints and then overloading at the next meal can use this type of replace as long as it contains the same amount or more of the type of nutrients and vitamins found in a meal. Many have also found success in using a shake that contains replacement nutrients between meals to replenish energy and to stop food craving.

Lifestyle and Diets

Trying to change too many habits at the same time is almost always more than most dieters are capable of, while still going about their routine. Good intentions and optimism can make those who want to lose weight also decide to up exercise routines, or start a new sport at the same time a diet is ongoing. Exercise is important part of losing weight and keeping it off, but it should be approached with a realistic look at scheduling, and other demands the dieter will experience. Staying with a solid exercise plan that’s easy to incorporate into a daily schedule usually works best with the right diet.

Find The Right Diet

Find The Right Diet