Protein Bars

Factors To Consider For The Best Protein Bar

Protein On The Go

Protein On The Go

Protein bars are food blocks with a high percentage of protein. They are an easy source of protein and are mainly consumed by athletes and fitness fanatics for their muscle development. Over the past years, quality protein bars from renowned companies flooded the market, but it still remains a snack though of a higher nutrition value. Question in mind is what exactly should you consider when choosing a protein bar that will suit your nutritional needs? This article will provide those outlined factors.

Amount Of Calories, Carbs and Fats

Depending on your workout routine it is necessary to avoid high-calorie bars especially if you are trying to lose fat. Contrary if you seeking to add weight a high-calorie protein bar is what you need. You need to read the product label in order to know the calorie content. Many varieties of bars are available in the market today.

Amount of carbohydrates

Protein bars are classified as food and therefore need not to have proteins only. An exercise to lose weight requires less carbohydrates compared to a weight increase exercise. Regardless of your workouts you can take protein bars rich in carbohydrates before or after exercises when your body needs carbohydrates the most and a low carbohydrate bar when working.

How much fat?

For most protein bars the amount of fat is usually between 2 and 8 grams. Fat intake depends on the muscle-building routine you are undertaking for that particular time. The recommended amount of fat in a bar is 4 grams. Nevertheless, there has been a great motion on whether a bar should contain much or less fat.

Amount of Protein In The Protein Bar

Any protein bar should have the highest amount of protein as compared to any other food nutrient, that is, at least 20 grams of protein. Study shows that 20 grams of protein is the optimal amount of protein for muscle development.

Cost of the protein bar

Consider the price of the bar because many are relatively costly as they are considered as a nutritional supplement. If you cannot afford twice intakes per day, it is good to take it when absolutely necessary.

In conclusion in order to get the best protein bar you should consider the five factors mentioned above.