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I have picked the top 10 best diet plans and will be adding more in the future. The first 10 on the list are some of the best but this is subjective. You can read one magazine and see one list and then see a different list on TV or your local newspaper. With that in mind you will see more diet plans added as this site grows. I am just starting with 10 and will be building on that. Many are good for healthy weight loss. You can also find network marketing companies that have weight loss products as well but not on this site.

Top 10 Best Diet Plans
1. Dash Diet
– an all purpose diet designed to fight high blood pressure
2. TLC or Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet – this diet was created by the National Institutes Of Health
3. Mayo Clinic Diet – you will see how to make eating a healthy lifelong habit
4. Mediterranean diet – eating mainly fruits and veggies, fish and olive oil and is a sensible diet for most people
5. Weight Watchers – this is the top commercial plan that is nutritionally safe and sound
6. Flexitarian diet – emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains along with plant based protein and is considered the smart and healthy choice
7. Volumetrics – safe and nutritious along with being positive for heart health and diabetes
8. Nutrisystem – a safe and easy to follow diet for most and has few nutritional deficiencies
9. Ornish diet – hard to follow but nutritionally sound, safe, and very heart-healthy
10. Jenny Craig – easy to follow and nutritionally complete and safe plus great emotional support
One persons top 10 diets may be different than another persons top 10 best diet plans.

More Best Diet Plans To Come

On this website you will find a list of the top 10 weight loss products, top 10 weight loss drinks, top 10 weight loss pills or capsules. Again all these are subjective and will vary from one source to another. This website is about diet products. Diet products covers a wide range of things and this website will be a large one covering all sorts of things. The site is under construction and will have articles added on a regular basis so check back often as we add to the top 10 best diet plans.

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