Paleo diet or Caveman diet as it is better known is a diet with a difference considering that it offers a lasting solution for losing weight without cutting back on the number of calories consumed. A typical Paleo diet is a protein rich diet which also has high fiber content. Man in our ancient years were known as hunters and gatherers. We ate food of high protein content, usually meat of some sort and gatherers of fruit, nuts, berries and other low carb food that grew wild and was editable.

Paleo Diet Food Content

Those on a Paleo diet have the luxury of eating plenty of lean meats, fish, eggs and even nuts in addition to fresh green vegetables and fruits. The notable exception being that this diet would not allow you to eat processed food. The name is suggestive considering that the Cavemen Diet does not allow you to eat grains or dairy products and this is in alignment with what our ancestors ate.

Convenience And Limitations Of The Paleo Diet

The diet is convenient and this could well be attributed to the fact that there are no limits on the number of calories that can be consumed and neither do you have to go fasting. All that you need to do is to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to lean meat which would ensure a wholesome and satisfying meal while you lose weight.

Although effective and convenient the Paleo diet is not perfect and has a few limitations. If you are a vegetarian then you cannot adopt this diet. This could be attributed to the fact that lean meat, fish and eggs are mandatory and perfect protein foods such as legumes and beans are not allowed. Those with a penchant for salt or canned eating would find it inconvenient considering that high sodium content is counterproductive and will impair the efficacy of this diet.

Paleo Diet - Alligators In Louisiana

Paleo Diet – Alligators In Louisiana

People that look forward to hunting season are a good fit for this diet. Most wild game are high protein and low fat animals because they do not go through the fatening up period just before slaughtering. There are usually several different types of hunting seasons. You have dove, duck, quail and turkey, then dear and wild boar and then the smaller rodents like squirrel and rabbit season. Many hunters put away enough meat in the freezer to last their family the whole year. In some areas of the South alligator is a very popular meat. This is a tasty white meat that is very low in fat and has been made very popular with the TV shows featuring trappers and hunters in Louisiana. The alligator to the left is from Louisiana.

In conclusion if you eat meats and can avoid canned or high salt foods then Paleo is the one stop solution for those extra pounds. This is a great diet if there is a hunter in the family. Go Paleo and shed those pounds leaving a leaner and fitter body which is usually freer from disease plus less cellulite under the skin.

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