Increasing statistics of health risks resulting from weight gain and obesity has resulted into the proliferation of a number of weight loss products in the market today. The most common from is of course the diet pills but supplements are also found in the form of powders and drinks. Some products come across as topical agents to help you burn flab. Sensa stands out among these as being one of the rare ones which utilizes the sense of smell to deal with and fight calorie intake.

Manufactured by California based Sensa LLC, it is a scent based product that emit particular aromas which are meant to curb your appetite and control your calorie intake. It comes in powder form which can be sprinkled in your food. If combined with diet and exercise, Sensa is known to have shown remarkable weight loss results. It is an easy and effective process which has the least risk of harmful side effects.

Sensa The Sprinkle Diet

Popularly known as the ‘The Sprinkle Diet’, Sensa lets you eat all your favorite foods without worrying about excess calorie intake. Fantastic as it sounds, it actually works! Just sprinkle the flavor-enhancing Sensa crystals on everything you eat and let it work on your system to curb your appetite and lessen the cravings. Even with your favorite foods you will feel lesser urge to gorge yourself. Therefore without depriving yourself you will lose weight. These are absorbed through the tongue and roof of the mouth and lead to curbing appetite while making the food taste better than it actually is. So even continuing with a low calorie bland diet is made easy with Sensa.

The Sensa Crystals or “tastants” have been developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch who is the neurologic director and founder of the Chicago based Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. Research proves that these tastants keeps the user satiated and curbs undue cravings. No need to count calories anymore and yet one ends up losing almost 30 pounds in less than six months’ time. A six month study conducted by the institute shows that participants lost at least 15% of their original weight during the process. The makers of Sensa are confident about the effectiveness of their product and this is evident with the offer of a free trial pack. Other than that the one month starter kit costs $59.

Called The Sensa Diet

Often called the Sensa Diet, it is a weight loss program with a difference. The Sensa sprinkles or tastants are basically food flakes which are sugar free, calorie free, gluten free and sodium-free though taste slightly sweet and salty. They are a power blend of tricalcium phosphate which is form of calcium promotes weight loss, maltodextrin which is kind of carbohydrate, silica which promotes hardness and fullness, and permitted flavors. These flavors are a combination of cheddar and parmesan cheese, taco and onion, horseradish and ranch dressing. The sweetness comes from cocoa, banana strawberry, spearmint, malt and raspberry flavors. Apart from these Sensa also contains soy and milk ingredients.

Just sprinkle them on your food as you would normally sprinkle salt or sugar. While they enhance the taste they also work with your sense of smell and send a message to the brain that the stomach is full. Dr. Hirsch calls this the “sensory-specific satiety” process which shows tangible changes in food habits and diet behavior. It has no added stimulants, MSG or drugs which make it safe product to use.

Sensa Benefits at a glance:
• Applies the theory of mind over matter to control urges
• Sensa is gluten free, calorie free, sugar free and fat free making it a safe food additive
• It is easy to use and can be added tastelessly to any food
• Easy to carry anywhere you go
• It’s not a diet so you don’t have to bind yourself in strict diet restrictions
• No unnatural or rapid fat burring which can cause health damage
• No drastic lifestyle changes are required
• Leads to an average weight loss of 30 pounds in six months without the aid of any pills, drugs or stimulants
• It is based on 25 years of research and multiple clinical studies and has proven its efficacy with millions of users
• Has no side effects

According to Sensa detractors since it does not encourage diet or exercise it is not a valuable product. The reality is that diet and exercise is essential for all of us no matter what product we use. Sensa however works wonderfully even with very mild workouts and not so strict diets. It does not promise to burn the fat or magically boost up the metabolic rate. Instead it simply focuses on curbing the cravings and prevents the intake the excess calories right at the onset of the meal. There is no need to starve yourself or deprive yourself of favorite foods. With the help of Sensa you can enjoy all these without worrying about excess weight gain.

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