Colon cleansing helps in flushing the toxins out of the body. Colon is the root cause of several ailments like constipation, headaches, hemorrhoids, IBS, protruding belly, and recurring yeast infections among many others. It also leads to considerable weight gain. Unless it’s taken care of in time more serious and debilitating conditions may occur, leading to severe health risks. Studies show that 5-15 pounds of undigested food rots inside the digestive system at any point of time. According to Royal Society of Medicine UK, 90% of chronic diseases take place due to acute infection in the gastrointestinal system. This is the reason why regular colon cleansing is a necessity for healthy living.

Colonoxy is a small and handy pill that cleanses the colon and aids in weight loss at the same time. In just two weeks you will find yourself thinner, fitter and healthier than ever before.

What Is Colonoxy?

Colonoxy is a small pill which is easy to have and digest. It is a powerful pill which begins to work immediately once ingested. There are many diet supplements as well as colon cleansers in the market. But Colonoxy is one of its kind because it serves both functions equally well and in shorter time than all its rival counterparts. Made of all natural ingredients, this colon cleansing pill helps in natural cleansing of the colon and promotes healthy living in three distinct ways.
• It keeps the digestive system free
• Eradicates toxins out of body
• Helps actively in losing unwanted body weight and promotes healthy living.

Colonoxy dosage involves taking the pill daily, at least 30-60 minutes before each meal. Once ingested the pill releases dietary fibers into the system which immediately start curbing appetite and then begins its colon cleansing functions. The dietary fibers focus on natural excretion of toxins and excretory products from the colon and help to keep the body toxin-free and healthy. The pill is suitable for all body kinds and all kinds of dieters, from vegans to even hardcore non-vegetarians, and has no reported side effects till date.

Colonoxy: Composition

The winning formula of Colonoxy is combination of powerful natural ingredients. A brief look.
• Psyllium – Increases metabolism, cleanses the colon, reduces hunger pangs, and helps in losing weight.
• Magnesium Oxide -Pacifies the gastrointestinal track and works a mild laxative
• Flax seed – Works as a laxative and reduces hunger pangs
• Uva Ursi – Works as a mild diuretic
• Milk Thistle – Improves liver function and works as a powerful detox agent
• Apple Cider Vinegar – Has mild laxative qualities and also has detox powers
• Barley – Its high fiber content helps to keep the digestive track clean
• Pectin – Increases the glueyness and quantity of stool and is used to treat both constipation and diarrhea
• Ginger – An age old remedy to soothe the digestive track
• Papaya – Has great anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties.
• Fenugreek – A natural mild laxative
• Dandelion – A great natural antioxidant which is also known as a powerful colon cleanser
• Licorice – Is used to make the stool soft
• Marshmallow – Is great for treating constipation and IBS
• Turmeric – Found abundantly in the east it has great anti carcinogenic agent and promotes digestive health

Colonoxy: A quick look at the benefits

• It cleans colon which in turn keeps digestive track clean.
• Supports natural detoxification process
• Raises the immune levels
• Helps in burning stored body fat
• Helps in reducing unwanted body weight
• Loads of antioxidant controls acne and other skin problems
• Reduces bout of headache, constipation, and hemorrhoid problems
• Controls protruding belly
• Prevents fatigue and keeps user fit and active all day
• Has no reported side effects

There aren’t too many pills out there which provide dual functions of colon cleansing and weight loss like Colonoxy does. And certainly none that come without the unwanted side effects. Check with your doctor and give the Colonoxy pill a try if you are serious about keeping fit and healthy.

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